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Motivators. Educators. Mentors.

We expect hard work and dedication to the world's toughest sport, and in return, you will earn a lifetime's worth of respect, discipline, and grit that you can apply on and off the mat. 

Leading a team of players to victory is no easy feat and requires some of the most creative and experienced minds in the game. That is why Mira Costa Wrestling has some of the very best coaches in the greater Southbay area.

Combing over 70 years of wrestling experience across Wisconsin, Oklahoma, New York, and right here in Southbay to drive our players to fulfill their true potential. 

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Coach Kenny Johnson

Head Coach

Coach Travis Moore

Girls Coach & Assistant Coach

Coach Daniel Arpajon

Assistant Coach

Coach Mark

Strength & Conditioning


Coach Corey Vo

Assistant Coach

Coach Daniel Beniflah

Assistant Coach

Mira Mustang

Spirit Animal

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CIF Team Roster

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Upload team roster, birthdates, eligibility

Track Wrestling Weigh ins

Required at every event

Manage, Season Teams, Boys and Girls, upload roster, and weight classes.

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